Re-write your articles and get plagiarism-free content.

Rewriting tool + Paraphrasing API.
The Plaraphy API is a tool that uses cutting-edge AI to rewrite any text content or find new ways to express what you want to say.

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Rewrite a text, essay, or article

Just a few seconds.

Paste the text in the given box, click Paraphrase and get your paraphrased text back in a few seconds.

Up to 1.000 characters at once.

Use this paraphrase software to rewrite up to 1.000 characters at once. Write blog posts, articles, web copy, and more with this highly useful paraphrasing tool.


Plaraphy is a free paraphrasing tool that rewrites any text into a plagiarism-free version of it. Whether for personal use or professional purposes, Plaraphy is the smartest way to paraphrase your text.

Paraphrase up to 200 characters at once for free
Easy to use
No credit card required

Standard Mode

Rewrites text in a reliable manner to maintain meaning.

Fluency Mode

Ensures text is readable and free of errors

Creative Mode

Paraphrases content completely, leaving very little risk of plagiarism.

Plaraphy was made for:

Marketing Teams

Create fresh, new copy for your email marketing campaigns, listings, or anything that requires a description.

Writers / Content Creators

Writer’s block can get the best of us sometimes, especially if you write full time. Use our amazing paraphrasing tool to find some new ways to get your creative juices flowing.


Sometimes what you're writing just doesn't sound right. This is where we come in.


Harness the rewriting power of the Plaraphy API in your own website or app. Purchase only what you need for your traffic needs.

Web Tool

If you aren't satisfied with the output, right click and select what you prefer.
Plaraphy supports all major languages, you can find the full list here .


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Characters per request5001,0001,000Up to 5,000
Requests / month1010,000100,000750,000
AI-powered rewriter
Human quality content
Rewriter API accessX
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We have a bigger plan with 5,000 characters per request and 750,000 requests/month.
We also offer custom Enterprise Pricing for unlimited requests, dedicated technical support, and more — Request Quote .